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Tales From Victoriaís Parlor





A Place to Call Home - During his first months living with his new family, Heath wonders if he'll ever come to think of the Barkley ranch as a place to call home.  A Place To Call Home is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Bonds of Steel - A missing scene from the aired episode, The Iron Box.  Bonds Of Steel examines what happens after Jarrod returns to the prison camp where his brothers are being held captive.


Legacy of a Family - A missing scene from the aired episode, Legend Of A General. Legacy Of A Family fictionalizes what might have happened after the Barkley brothers return from Mexico.


My Brother the Lawyer - A missing scene from the aired episode, The Murdered Party. What happens after the injured Heath makes his way to the house?               


The Power of a Motherís Love - A missing scene from the aired episode, By Force And Violence.  Victoria spends a night in the wilderness tending to Heath's injuries, and having a very important discussion with her stepson.


Treasures Revealed - A missing scene from the aired episode, Treasures.  Heath questions his place in the Barkley family after a visit from a man claiming to be his father.


The Unicorn and the Lady - A missing scene from the aired episode, Plunder.  A seriously injured Heath is delivered to his family by a lady of ill repute and a young Indian maiden.


The Orphan and the Cowboy - Heath happens across a little girl intent on running away from home.  Through his intervention, young Amber discovers just what a lucky girl she really is.


An Angel on Earth - Itís been three years since Heath Barkley arrived on the Barkley Ranch.During that time heís worked hard to be accepted by not only his fatherís family, but also by the Barkley ranch hands and the people of Stockton.When Heath must travel miles away from the ranch one spring, he unknowingly brings a deadly illness back with him.The diphtheria epidemic that strikes the Barkley ranch, and neighboring Stockton, will claim many lives before it comes to an end.Heath is forced to fight for his life as well, when the disease brings him near death.Thanks to a loving family and many prayers Heath recovers.But the secrets that are being kept from Heath, the fact that he was the carrier of the disease and the fact that so many have perished, will not remain secrets for long.When these devastating secrets are revealed to Heath by a man over-wrought with anger and grief; Heath makes the choice to leave his family.He travels for days, ending up in a town called Heaven, Nevada.Itís in Heaven that three angels, a little boy, and Heathís long-deceased father, Tom Barkley, come together to help heal the scars Heath carries inside from a lifetime of pain. An Angel On Earth is a Big Valley and Touched By An Angel crossover story.An Angel on Earth is posted in 6 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


A Heart Filled with Joy - An alternate universe story in which Heath comes to live with the Barkley family when he's eight years old.  A Heart Filled With Joy is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


A House Divided Against Itself - Within days of returning from the Barkley logging camp with Matt and Lucinda Bentell, Heath is plagued by nightmares regarding his time spent in Carterson Prison.Soon, the nightmares reveal a sequence of tragic events Heath had denied himself the ability to acknowledge, but no longer will Heathís mind protect him from those memories.Because it was made clear to Heath by his family that he was to work with Matt Bentell, and come to terms with his time spent in Carterson Prison, Heath keeps his inner turmoil a well-guarded secret. That secret is in danger of being exposed when the Attorney General of the United States comes to Stockton seeking two men Ė Matt Bentell, and a survivor of Carterson Prison willing to testify against him.Now Heath must decide if heíll step forward and assist Garrett Reece in his quest to bring Matt Bentell to trial again, or if heíll keep silent out of respect for what Heath assumes are the wishes of his family.By the time Heathís decision is made, an intricate plot is in place to keep any Carterson POW from talking.A House Divided Against Itself is posted in 5 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


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