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Tales From Ben’s Bookshelf





                  Sacrificial Lamb - See the Sacrificial Lamb cover page for a story overview.
                  Alias Adam Cartwright -  A "what happened next" story based on the aired episode "Alias Joe Cartwright."   What happened                   
                  after returned from an extended trip to discover his youngest brother's life almost came to a tragic end at an army post. 
                  Circumstances Beyond Our Control - A missing scene from the aired episode, "A Matter
                   of Circumstance."  What happened after Ben found the injured Joe unconscious in the kitchen?
                   Grief Written Across a Celadon Sky - A missing scene from the aired episode, "The Stillness
                   Within."  What happened after Hoss dug Joe from the rubble of Charlie's shack?


                   Conquering the Stillness Within - See the Conquering the Stillness Within cover page for story


                   A Fitting Goodbye -  A story inspired by the 14th season aired episode "Stallion."  Joe has been the   
                   person his father leaned on throughout the difficult months after Hoss's death.  Now it's Ben who must 
                   help Joe find a way to say a fitting goodbye to his brother. 


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