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Stories Set During The Station 51 Years



This Old House  – Part 1- Chet buys a fixer-upper and enlists assistance from the men of Station 51.  An old house and one accident-prone paramedic by the name of John Gage, can only spell trouble. 


This Old House – Part 2 - Chet's still fixing up that old house, and he's still enlisting help from his A-shift co-workers, and that accident prone paramedic who just can't seem to stay out of trouble. Or in this case, out of the hospital.


This Old House – Part 3 - Well, you'd think both Chet and Johnny would have learned by now, wouldn't you?  That's right, you guessed it.  Chet's house causes trouble for Johnny again.


The Accusation - John Gage is sent into a cave to rescue a trapped teenage girl. A subsequent cave-in results in Johnny and the girl being trapped together, and ultimately results in the girl accusing Johnny of rape.


The Accused - Johnny must defend himself in court for an incident he has no memory of as a result of a head injury.  Unfortunately, only Johnny's friends and close associates believe he's innocent of the charges brought against him by a 16-year-old girl.  The Accused is a continuation of The Accusation.


The Accuser - Johnny is put on leave from his job while he awaits trial.  Meanwhile, despite the injuries he's recovering from, he rescues two little boys from a pack of wild dogs, and in so doing causes a 16-year-old girl to realize she must come forward and right a very serious wrong.  The Accuser is a continuation of The Accusation and The Accused.


Party Plans - A missing scene from the aired episode, Virus.


The Wish- Johnny disappears late one night on his way home from his girlfriend's house on his new motorcycle. The police and the men of the Station 51 A-shift search for Johnny, but to no avail.  Only a young mentally disabled man named, Ricky, knows where Johnny is, but will Ricky give up his secret to his friend, Nurse Dixie, before time runs out for the injured Johnny?  The Wish is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Lest We Forget - It’s April of 1975, and with the fall of Saigon comes the end of the war in Vietnam.  As a veteran of the Korean War, or the Forgotten War as it’s often referred to, Dixie McCall is deeply depressed over the current state of affairs in her country, and the lack of respect being paid to the young men and women returning from overseas.  A tragic accident of disastrous portions forces Dixie to push her depression aside in order to assist as part of Kelly Brackett’s on-scene triage team.  When further disaster strikes, it’s up to Dixie to keep John Gage alive until he can be taken to Rampart General Hospital.   With the passage of time the paramedic physically recovers from his injuries, but is left with emotional scars too great for Johnny to heal by himself.  In an odd twist of events, three angles, a nurse, and a Vietnamese orphan, will come together to help Johnny in a small California town known as Heaven.   Lest We Forget is an Emergency and Touched By An Angel cross over story that will leave the reader feeling as though angels really do exist. Lest We Forget is posted in 5 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Truth or Dare - John Gage is furious when his best friend goes behind his back and gets him pulled off duty for medical reasons.  Johnny is put on leave for two weeks, and when Kelly Brackett allows him to return to his job, the first thing Johnny does is stop at Hank Stanley's home and request a transfer out of Station 51. Events then unfold that slowly but surely bring Johnny and Roy back together again, and then test Johnny's trust in the friend he thought he'd never trust again.  Truth or Dare is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


The Sting of Gossip - Chet Kelly's penchant for gossip spells trouble for John Gage, and for thirteen-year-old Chris DeSoto, when Chet overhears Chris talking to Johnny about a serious problem.  As often happens when someone eavesdrops, Chet didn’t get the whole story. The man soon begins to spread gossip fueled by what Chet thought he heard, and by his own active imagination.   By the time the truth comes out, Johnny and Roy’s friendship is at risk, and Chet has a lot of explaining to do.  The Sting of Gossip is posted in 3 parts of approximately 50 pages each.



The Dances With Rattlesnakes Series




(The Story Titles Are Listed In The Order The "Dances" Series Takes Place)



Dances with Rattlesnakes - On a spring weekend in April of 1978, John Gage takes Chris and Jennifer DeSoto on a camping trip.  Unbeknownst to Johnny a serial killer named Evan Crammer is hiding in the nearby woods, waiting to prey on his next victim.  Shrouded by late night darkness, Crammer attempts to abduct nine-year-old Jennifer, an action John Gage will go to any length to prevent.   Crammer is thwarted, but a frightening quest for survival soon ensues for the children and one gravely injured paramedic.  Before the story ends Johnny will come face to face with a painful part of his past he’s kept hidden from all those who know him in Los Angeles.  With Roy’s help, Johnny will brave a final dance with the snake. Dances with Rattlesnakes is posted in 5 parts of approximately 50 pages each. 


No Easy Choice  - When Roy DeSoto is seriously injured at the scene of a fire, John Gage blames himself for a choice he was forced to make.  Everyone close to Johnny assures him he's not at fault, with the exception of Roy's 16-year-old son, Chris, who is furious with the man he's always thought of as an uncle.  It's not until Chris has a difficult choice of his own to make that he comes to discover blame is often easily placed, and often wrongly placed. No Easy Choice is posted in 2 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


No One Knows Where It’s the summer of 1984, and a lot has changed for John Gage and Roy DeSoto.  The two men no longer work together on a daily basis; Johnny is the chief paramedic instructor for the L.A. County Fire Department, and Roy is a captain at Station 26.  Other changes are on the horizon too, as Chris DeSoto gets ready to start college classes that, unbeknownst to his father, he has no desire to attend, and young John DeSoto gets ready to start kindergarten.  Before the new school year begins, Johnny and the DeSoto family set off on a two week camping trip.  A trip that will end in terror and heartache, when Johnny stops on a desolate desert road to change a flat tire.  Johnny is left for dead on the side of that road by two teenagers intent on stealing his Land Rover.  John DeSoto was the only passenger in “Uncle Johnny’s” truck, and disappears without a trace to “no one knows where.”  As the days drag on with no sign of the five-year-old boy, Johnny and Roy’s friendship will be tested in a way it never has been before.  And No One Knows Where was co-authored by Jill Hargan, and is posted in ten parts of approximately 50 pages each.  


The Show Must Go On - In January of 1985, Chris DeSoto coerces John Gage into breaking some news to Roy that both Chris and Johnny know Roy doesn’t want to hear.   Chris’s request of Johnny forces the man to be an unwelcome messenger in Roy’s eyes.  A messenger Roy blames for Chris’s decision to drop out of college in favor of joining the fire department.    While Roy is trying to work through the disappointment his oldest son’s decision brings him, and the anger he feels towards his best friend in regards to this decision, his youngest son is on an outing with Johnny.   Despite Roy’s anger, he didn’t put a halt to Johnny’s plan of taking John to the circus for the boy’s sixth birthday.   By the time the day ends, Roy and a young girl named Heather Langford, learn just how deep the bonds of friendship run, and how much one friend is willing to do for another. The Show Must Go On is posted in 4 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Dancing with the Devil - Twenty-two years have passed since Evan Crammer’s attempted abduction of Jennifer DeSoto.  Twenty-two years in which Crammer has never forgotten the man who thwarted his efforts that night.  It’s the summer of 2000, and Evan Crammer has returned to achieve the one thing he’s driven to accomplish – seek revenge against John Gage.  The passage of time has changed things, however, and Johnny no longer lives in Los Angeles.  He hasn’t seen, or spoken to, his old friend Roy DeSoto since July of 1985.  Crammer’s quest for Johnny will force him to travel far from California.  Despite the distance that now separates Gage and DeSoto in both miles and their personal relationship, Evan Crammer will be the terrifying catalyst that reunites them. Dancing with the Devil is posted in 6 parts of approximately 50 pages each.   


The Phantom and the Parselmouth - It's the summer of 2000, and Chet Kelly tells a special little boy about a twenty-five-year old incident involving a paramedic being bitten by a rattlesnake.  Though it's not a necessity, 'Phantom' might best be enjoyed after reading the preceding three stories.


A Firefighter’s Tears - A story centered around the fears a nine-year-old boy has for his firefighter father after the events of September 11th, 2001. 


Uncle Johnny Santa Claus - It's December of 2001, and Johnny's nine-year-old son, Trevor, is having a difficult time giving up past holiday traditions, including the belief in Santa Claus.  When Trevor and his father put together a very special Christmas surprise for Roy DeSoto, Trevor comes to understand the true meaning of Christmas, and the true meaning of a very old, and very dear, friendship.


Lost Years -  Throughout the Dances with Rattlesnakes series, the reader has gotten a vague picture of Johnny and Roy’s lives during their fifteen-year estrangement.  Johnny relocated to Colorado, where he met Ashton Riley, and where Trevor was born in 1992.  Roy’s family grew and changed as his children pursued careers, left home, and married.  Roy suffered the heartbreaking loss of his grandson Brandon Sheridan to cancer, while Johnny suffered the heartbreak of Ashton’s rejection, and then leaving him to raise Trevor alone.  Roy and Johnny eventually mended fences, and the friendship that was once torn apart by tragedy grew strong again.  But it would take another tragedy for the men to talk about the years in which they had no contact, and to finally get a complete understanding of what each other went through during those lost years.  Lost Years is posted in eleven parts for ease of downloading.


A Father’s Love - The year is 2007, and Trevor Gage has recently turned fifteen.  Suddenly, being Trevor’s father isn’t such an easy task for John Gage, any more than being Johnny’s son is an easy task for Trevor.  A stubborn battle of the wills often ensues, as Trevor attempts to assert his independence, while at the same time, Johnny is forced to stifle that independence whenever it threatens to lead Trevor in to trouble. After one too many battles, Trevor decides a change is in order, and leaves his father’s home for what he is certain will be greener pastures. When tragedy strikes and Johnny needs his son by his side, will Trevor return to his father, or turn his back on him? A Father’s Love is posted in four parts of approximately fifty pages each, and includes scenes that display Johnny and Roy’s friendship, as well as Johnny’s friendship with other members of the Station 51 crew.


Portrait of a Friendship - Mrs. St. Clair, the English teacher at Eagle Harbor High School, gives Trevor Gage and his classmates an assignment to write a book.  Seventeen-year-old Trevor dreads the thought of penning a novel, and never imagines all he will discover about his father when he finally settles on a plot revolving around Johnny’s experiences with Evan Crammer.  After conducting hours of interviews with those people directly involved in the two times Johnny encountered Crammer, and after hours of research and months of writing, Trevor discovers that his book is missing a very important section – the reason why Johnny moved so abruptly from Los Angeles to Colorado in 1985, and why John Gage and Roy DeSoto lost contact with one another for fifteen years after that move.  Dogged determination on Trevor’s part uncovers the answers to those questions, much to Johnny’s anger.  It’s Trevor’s turn to be angry when Johnny makes a man-to-man request of his son to stop writing the book. From there, a chain of events occurs that leaves Trevor devastated and blaming himself for the death of someone who means a lot to him, and means a lot to his father.  It takes the arrival of Johnny’s old friend Roy DeSoto to open the lines of communication between Johnny and Trevor, that in turn, will lead the way to a solid father and son bond that will last a lifetime.  Portrait of a Friendship is posted in eight parts of approximately 50 pages each for ease of downloading.           




Goosed - A story written for a two-hundred word story challenge.  Yes, Johnny can even get hurt in a two-hundred word story.


If a Cow Could Laugh - A little light humor as inspired by questions only John Gage would ask.


Fat Chance - Another round of questions only Johnny Gage would ask.                              


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