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Stories From The Brothersí Files




In the Line of Duty - Rick's dog Marlowe, doesn't appear after the sixth season of Simon and Simon, yet no explanation is given for Marlowe's absence during the last two seasons of the show.  In The Line Of Duty tells us what happened to Marlowe when he put his life on the line for A.J.


Over the Hill - A.J.'s turning 40, but not without a surprise party, and some challenges to go along with it.


The Gulf Between Us - The Gulf War brings back memories of the Vietnam War for both Rick and A.J.  The brothers ultimately complete a special project together that brings them each peace where old memories are concerned.


Motherhood - As Cecilia tends to her injured grown sons, she recalls a time over thirty years in the past, when Rick and A.J. reminded her that motherhood is worth every sleepless night it brings.


The Calm After the Storm - A story based on the aired episode, Sudden Storm.  Several months have passed since Cecilia was assaulted. A.J.'s recent actions have hurt her terribly, as she's left wondering why he  is reluctant to be near her, and more importantly, why he's refusing to attend family counseling sessions with her and Rick.


Shooting the Rapids - Gathering evidence for a divorce case should have been easy, until an irate husband sneaks up on A.J. outside the Seaside Motel.  Events occur at that motel that cause Rick to realize it's past time he and A.J. close down the business and take a vacation.  The brothers set off on a camping trip filled with pleasant surprises, but will this vacation be as relaxing as Rick envisioned, or will trouble follow the detectives no matter where they go?


Doctors Simon and Simon - Rick and A.J. are hired for a case by the administrator of Mercy Hospital in Los Angeles.  Rick assures A.J. that their roles as physicians will be a "piece of cake."  After all these years of being Rick's brother, you'd think A.J. would know better by now, wouldn't you?  A little drama, a little comedy, and a dose of brotherly love, await the reader in Doctors Simon and Simon.  This story is posted in two parts of approximately 34 pages each.


Questions and Answers - The day after Janet Fowler marries, Rick has some very important questions to ask his brother. This story takes place six months after the aired episode, Lost Lady.


The Journal - Rick keeps a journal that A.J. accidentally runs across. 


The Class - Rick is furious when he discovers A.J. is taking a class on a subject that is a very sensitive one for the oldest Simon brother.


In Memory of Angels - The Simon brothers are hired to protect a woman and her young son from her vengeful ex-husband. When Melanie and Josh are murdered, Rick must help his brother recover from serious injuries, as well as recover from the guilt A.J. carries regarding the deaths of their client and her little boy.  In Memory Of Angels is posted in 2 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Internal Affairs - In an unlikely pairing, Abigail Marsh teams up with the Simon brothers in an effort to help them clear their name with the chief of police.


A Time to Grieve - A missing scene from the reunion movie, Simon and Simon: In Trouble Again. What happened after the Simon brothers thought their mother had been killed?


School Days - Rick and A.J. are hired by a former neighbor of A.J.'s, who is also a school principal, to be substitute teachers.  Rick has his hands full with a classroom of first graders, while A.J. finds himself teaching sex education to sixth graders.  Then the brothers' teaching experience gets more interesting, and dangerous, when a gunman takes over the school. School Days is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Shadows and Sunshine - This story is based on the aired episode, Shadows.  Rick finds out some assumptions he made regarding A.J.'s  words of understanding as spoken to Allison, are wrong.   References Rick thought were made of their long deceased father, were actually made with Rick in mind.


Geronimo - Rick and A.J. are hired by an old high school friend of Rick's to protect her twelve-year-old daughter from a possible kidnapping attempt at the hands of the girl's non-custodial father. This job takes Rick and A.J. to the California State Fair, where they chaperone children, tend to sheep, and do their best to keep young Lauren safe from a father intent on having her with him.


The Fortune - Rick Simon laughs off the prediction in his fortune cookie - You Are Soon To Face A Challenge.  When a health crisis arises for A.J., that prediction appears to be on the verge of coming true.


Mid-Life Crisis - Rick is beginning to wonder if he's getting too old to do P.I. work. 


Old McSimon had a Farm -  Rick and A.J. are hired by a Minnesota hog farmer that Rick served with in Vietnam.  The man's hogs are being stolen, and it's up to the Simon brothers to solve the case while working undercover as farm laborers.  'Old McSimon' is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Lucky Break - A health scare leaves A.J. thankful he has such a loving family to lean on in times of trouble.


Stormy Monday - Amanda resurfaces in A.J.'s life, and it's up to Rick to convince her of how dangerous her presence in San Diego might be to both herself, and to A.J.


You Can Never be to Careful - Cecilia Simon never thought she'd have to discuss the birds and the bees with her adult sons, but as AIDS becomes the health concern of the 1980s, Cecilia seeks assurance that her sons are well-informed about this disease that also touches the lives of heterosexual males.


A Name to Remember - Rick's name is accidentally put on a Vietnam Memorial Wall dedicated to San Diego veterans who perished in the war. It's up to Cecilia to get this error corrected.  In so doing, she meets another San Diego mother whose son didn't come home to her after the war ended.


Mistaken Identity - Someone who looks very much like A.J. is stalking Cecilia, while claiming to be her youngest son.  It's up to the Simon brothers to find out who this man is, and to keep their mother safe.


Itís a Boy - A missing scene from the aired episode, Simon and Simon Jr.


A Little Something to Remember You By - When Rick sets A.J. up on a date, the date can only prove to be interesting to say the least.  What the heck was A.J. thinking?


An Act of Bravery, An Act of Love - An act of bravery performed in Vietnam by Rick Simon is recognized many years after the fact. However, not by the men Rick served with, but instead, by Rick's younger brother.


You Donít Count the Cost - Rick is gearing up for an old fashioned Christmas complete with all the trimmings except snow, and complete with a houseful of relatives he hasn't seen in years.  But then tragedy strikes when A.J. is shot while working a case with his brother several days before Christmas. Rick never gives it a second thought when he sets aside his Christmas plans to keep vigil at his brother's bedside, and to later offer his brother support during A.J.'s long recuperation period.  'Cost' is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.



The Sixties: Alive And Well


(The Brothers As Young Adults)



The Visit - It's 1966, and Rick has been living away from home for too long now as far as 16-year-old A.J. is concerned. The circumstances that bring Rick back aren't quite what his family envisioned, but it will come as no surprise to discover that, for his little brother, Rick Simon will do anything.  


The Times They are a Changiní -  What were those first days like for A.J. after Anita broke their engagement, and Rick had announced he had enlisted in the Marine Corps?


Symbols of My Youth - A.J. remembers his senior year in high school, and special times spent with his girlfriend Anita.


Weíve All Changed Too Much - A missing scene from the aired episode, Who Killed The Sixties.


First Times - Rick arrives home from a road trip with news for his mother and his brother.  He's enlisted in the Marine Corps, and will likely be shipped to Vietnam.


The Reasons Why - A.J. explains to Hollis Marshall why he didn't become a lawyer. A missing scene from the aired episode, Walking Point.



California Dreaminí


(Alternate Universe Stories)


A House Divided - An alternate universe story that takes the brothers back in time to the Civil War.  Rick is a major in the Confederate Army, while A.J. is a special envoy to President Lincoln.  Will their bond endure one of the most heartbreaking times in our country's history?


Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust - Rick is never certain if he's dreaming, or if he really does, on occasion, travel to an alternate universe where, in some way, his brother always needs him, and Rick always learns a lesson that makes his life in his own universe that much better.


The Sixties: Alive and Well - What if Anita had been pregnant with A.J.'s child in 1967, and had delivered the baby and raised her to adulthood without A.J.'s knowledge?  An alternate universe story.


Daddyís Little Girl - A sequel to The Sixties: Alive And Well.  A.J. visits his daughter's childhood home to learn more about what her upbringing was like at the hands of Anita and her husband, Michael.


Inquiries by Simon and Simon - Once again reality as Rick knows it is slightly altered.  The office is pink, it smells like perfume, and Simon and Simon Investigations is suddenly, Inquiries By Simon and Simon. Is Rick dreaming, or is he again visiting an alternate Simon universe?   


California Dreaminí - An incident that leaves A.J. seriously injured has Rick thinking of the way life might have been had other choices been made.


Toby - In the reunion movie, Simon and Simon: In Trouble Again, Janet and A.J.'s 'child' is a pudgy Bassett Hound named Toby. What if Toby hadn't been a dog, but instead, had been a little boy?


And the Angel Wore a Cowboy Hat - Rick's at it again, visiting that alternate universe he somehow ends up in where the world he knows is so familiar, yet so different.  A.J. and Janet married?  And the parents of a precocious little tomboy named Rickie?  Oh, come on, Rick, wake up, will you?



Ceciliaís Diary


(Stories Of Jack Simon)



Revisit the Past - A Simon and Simon fan fiction drama based on Brenda A.ís fan fiction story, A Journey Into The Past.Ten-year-old A.J. is with his father the night Jack dies.†† There are so many things A.J. must come to terms with in the months following his fatherís death, and there are times when even Rickís presence is of no comfort to the young boy who blames himself for his fatherís passing.Posted in 3 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


The Final Score - In the aired episode, Revolution # 91/2, A.J. reminds his Uncle Ray of the promise the man didn't keep in regards to attending the first Little League game A.J. pitched after his father's death. The Final Score  starts during the brothers' adult years, then takes the reader back to this painful time in A.J.'s life when he discovered that he couldn't depend on his uncle, but could always depend on his big brother.


Jackís Journal - A portion of Jack Simon's journal was read in the aired episode, May The Road Rise Up.  What else did Jack say to his sons and his wife in his journal?  Read Jack's Journal to find out.


Once Upon a Time - Cecilia tells Abby of the time in 1968 when she had considered remarrying, and how that situation impacted her sons.


The Long and Winding Road - An alternate universe story based on the episode, May The Road Rise Up.  What if Jack Simon really was still alive?


Like Father, Like Son - A.J. grows a moustache while away on vacation, never imagining the reaction he'd receive to this seemingly innocent event.



Novels From A.J.ís Bookshelf





Miami Bound - How did A.J. end up in Miami working at Peerless Detectives, and living near his brother who had a home on Pirate's Key?  Go back in time with the Simon brothers to read what their years in Florida were like, and watch the relationship between A.J. Simon and Janet Fowler blossom. Miami Bound is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Precious Cargo - Precious Cargo is the Simon and Simon fan fiction novel that answers all the questions left unanswered by the reunion movie, Simon and Simon; In Trouble Again.What event prompted Rick and A.J. to close the doors of Simon and Simon Investigations?How did Janet come to be the special lady in A.J.ís life once again?Why did Janet and A.J. relocate to Seattle?What did Rick do to earn a living during those years?And what brought Janet and A.J.ís marriage to end?Precious Cargo is filled with angst, hurt/comfort, brotherly love, a sprinkling of humor, and most importantly, emphasizes that the bond between Rick and A.J. can never be fully broken.Precious Cargo is posted in 8 parts.


Just Like Old Times - A sequel to Precious Cargo, in which Rick and A.J. are working together again in San Diego after A.J.'s divorce from Janet.  A.J. is struggling to come to terms with the breakup of his marriage. When the blond detective grows ill Rick, as well as A.J.'s doctor, assume A.J.'s symptoms are related to stress, as opposed to a sign of something more serious, and deadly.  Just Like Old Times is posted in two parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Every Now and Then - A sequel to both Precious Cargo and Just Like Old Times.  A.J. rushes back to Seattle when his ex-wife, Janet Fowler, needs his help.Because A.J. knows what Rick's reaction to this news will be, he doesn't tell his brother where he's going.  This lack of information on A.J.'s part could cost him his life, and forces Rick and Janet to work together in an effort to locate the missing A.J.Every Now and Then is posted in 3 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


Can I Trust You With My Heart - On a Saturday night in March, 1992, A.J. Simon disappears without a clue left behind as to his whereabouts or fate.Rick Simon spends months searching for his brother to no avail.Eight long months after A.J. vanished, Rick finally comes to the heartbreaking conclusion that he and his mother have no choice but to assume the youngest Simon is dead, a tragic victim of foul play.But then, during the early morning hours in January of 1993, Rick has a visitor who brings him unexpected news, and his first solid lead regarding what happened to his brother.This lead will send Rick on a suspense-filled quest in search of A.J. that winds him through a well-to-do La Jolla neighborhood, a sumptuous estate in the Mexican desert, and finally to the dismal streets the homeless dwell on in San Francisco. Eventually, through Rickís never-ending efforts, and with some unorthodox assistance from a nurse named Dominique Cascia, the Simon brothers are reunited again.But can A.J. overcome the many tortures inflicted upon him while being held captive for six months by a vengeful man?Can he acclimate himself to his old life after living on the streets for five months as a homeless man named Jack?And what is it A.J.ís so afraid of that cripples his ability to talk to his brother and Abigail Marsh in regards to all that happened to him?What is it thatís making A.J.ís family fear heíll someday disappear again on his volition? Can I Trust You With My Heart is posted in 6 parts of approximately 50 pages each.


The Power of Love - Linda Ecklund, a cousin to Rick and A.J. Simon, reveals her concerns to the detectives regarding her twelve-year-old son, Brendan.The brothers agree to talk to the boy, never imagining the tragic turn of events that will follow their encounter with him, nor the baffling case that will inadvertently be thrust upon them.The Power of Love is a Simon and Simon novel posted in 8 parts for ease of downloading.Action, adventure, a devastating injury for A.J., mystery, brotherly love and triumph, fill this fan fiction novel.†††


Love Conquers All - Ten years have passed since the events that took place in The Power of Love.The Simon brothers are hired by the FBI to discover whether or not an old friend of Rickís, Cordell Franklin, is the head of the most powerful paramilitary group operating in the United States.As the Simons move forward with this case, they inadvertently expose themselves to old enemies.Before itís all over with, the brothers will pay dearly for their agreement to involve themselves with the Franklin household. Love Conquers All is posted in 8 parts of approximately 50 pages each.



Tales From Marloweís Dog House




A Day Late and a Dollar Short - It's Cecilia's birthday and the Simon brothers vow to their mother that this year they will not be late to her celebration, or miss it all together, due to a case they're tied up on.  With Rick and A.J.'s track record in this area, one would assume they wouldn't make promises they'll be hard-pressed to keep. For once, the Simon brothers have the necessary plans in place well ahead of Mom's special day, but then Jerry Reiner shows up in their office with an unusual request, and after that, all bets are off. 


Mr. October - After A.J.'s experiences in the Faces of the 90s pageant, he has no desire to ever encounter Marion St. Clair again.  But when Marion offers the Simon brothers a case, and when Rick tells her they'll take it without consulting A.J., can trouble be far behind for the blond detective?  Mr. October was inspired by the aired episode, Beauty and Deceased.


You Have Stitches in Your What? - This story is based on an incident mentioned in the aired episode, Photo Finished.


Painting and Papering by Rick - You'd think A.J. would know better than to have Rick and Carlos wallpaper and paint his kitchen, now wouldn't you? Foolish, foolish A.J.


When Hell Freezes Over - Rick gets A.J. and his girlfriend tickets to the Eagles reunion concert. It's too bad for A.J. that those tickets are counterfeit.


Legitimate Business Expenses - Only Rick can justify his expenses in such an entertaining manner.


Party Pranks - This story is based on an incident mentioned in the aired episode, Divorce.


Sons for Sale - Would Cecilia really put those boys of hers up for sale?


101 Ways to Relieve Stress - Only Rick could come up with these interesting ways to relieve stress. (If you're going to take Rick up on his suggestion of dancing naked in front of your pets, I'd advise that you close the curtains first.)


With this Ring, I Thee Wed - Downtown Brown and Temple Hill are finally getting married.  Town asks both Simon brothers to stand as his best man.  Town must have lost his mind when he decided to put Rick in charge of Temple's expense diamond wedding ring.


The Kidnapping of Cecilia Simon - Did someone really kidnap Rick and A.J.'s mom, or did she  runaway?


If a Cow Could Laugh - Rick has way too much time on his hands lately, and is asking A.J. way too many questions.


The Rules - Rick knows all about the rules involving women, and is very willing to pass those rules along when A.J. finds himself having trouble with the fairer sex.


Wanted: One Good Wife - Rick uses criteria from a Home Economics textbook published in the 1940s to advertise for a wife for A.J.


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - On a trip to a ski resort, the Simon brothers get more than they bargained for - which might, or might not, be a good thing.


Trick or Treat - A.J. so rarely gets to pull a practical joke on his brother that it's his turn to have a little ghoulish fun at Rick's expense.


Letís Talk Turkey - Rick is supposed to cook the turkey for Thanksgiving dinner. Rick insists he doesn't need A.J.'s help to complete this project. Maybe Rick doesn't think he needs help, but A.J. knows this holiday meal is headed for disaster.  By the time the bird is in the oven, the Simon brothers are sitting in a San Diego jail cell.


ĎTis the Season - Rick enters A.J. in the Grand Canal neighborhood house decorating contest.  Despite A.J.'s misgivings, he's enlisted to help his brother turn the house into a winter wonderland. Before Christmas Eve arrives, A.J. has serious doubts that his winter wonderland is so wonderful after all.


Christmas Made Easy - Neither Simon brother has time to Christmas shop during one holiday season, so they hire personal shoppers. As befitting of their personalities, A.J.'s personal shopper is professional and capable, but oh, poor Rick.


Oh Christmas Tree - Rick has a great idea that he's certain will assure him plenty of dates right through New Year's Day.  As is typical for Rick, when things backfire, they backfire in a big way, and A.J. is left to help his brother pick up the pieces.


Boys Will Be Boys


(Childhood Stories)


Hola Amigo - Though Carlos Escobar is mentioned numerous times throughout the Simon and Simon TV series, we never know just how he and Rick met, or how far back their friendship goes. Hola, Amigo is a fictionalized version of that friendship in its infancy.  Even young Rick and Carlos are never more than two steps away from trouble, and it won't come as a surprise to discover that they drag A.J. into the thick of things right along with them.


A Better Way - A Better Way is based on comments Rick made to A.J. in the aired episode, The Dark Side Of The Street.  Rick's memories of how punishment was administered in the Simon household differ greatly from the memories of his younger brother.  A Better Way explains why.


Turnabout - Cecilia dreams that A.J. is her oldest son, and Rick her youngest.


Vacation - Vacation gives the reader a closer look at Bud and Edie Krelman, the friends of the Simon family we met in the aired episode, Divorce.  As young boys Rick and A.J. spent a lot of time at the Krelman home, and during one week they learned what it means to be brothers.


The Simon Brothers - This story takes place six months after the aired episode, I Thought The War Was Over.  Though not a childhood story per se,  Rick recalls a time during his growing up years when A.J. made him feel like a very special big brother.


Another Simon Saturday - On a rainy Saturday in 1955, A.J. begs his older brother for an adventure they can share. When it comes to Rick Simon and adventures, six-year-old A.J. doesn't have to ask twice.


The Rough Rider and Davy Crockett - Despite a young mother's desire to the contrary, a family camping trip brings the promise of numerous adventures for her young Rough Rider and his side-kick, Davy Crockett.


Just a Couple of Wise Guys - This story is based on a conversation Rick and Cecilia had within the story, You Don't Count The Cost, which can be found under Stories From The Brothers' Files in the Simon and Simon Library.  It's December of 1956, and Rick and A.J. are portraying wise men in their school's Christmas pageant.  With the two Simon boys involved, teacher Gladys Gordon will soon discover this Christmas program will be like no other she has directed. The Christmas program of 1956 turns out to be the one she vividly remembers for years to come, despite the fact that all poor Mrs. Gordon wants to do is forget it.


The Dinner Party Starts at Seven - Rick is fifteen-years-old when his parents go away for the day and leave him in charge of his younger brother. Soon, Carlos comes over, and that's when the trouble starts.


Simon, Simon and Charles - We met Rick and A.J.'s cousin, Elizabeth Charles, in the aired episode, Reunion At Alcatraz.  When Elizabeth was eight, she spent a week with Rick and A.J.  As a result of a mystery surrounding a missing kitten, that week spawned the love for private investigation work that would follow all three children into adulthood.


Lemonade, A Coonskin Hat, and Rickís Lucky Coin - This childhood story is based on a memory the Simon brothers shared of the schoolyard bully, Billy Brummel, in the aired episode, The Case Of Don Diablo.


Grace Kelly and the Great Carnival Caper - It's Halloween 1960, and eleven-year-old A.J., along with his sixteen-year-old brother Rick, are out for an evening of fun at a local carnival.  Soon the boys are embroiled in a mystery they're determined to solve before the night ends.


Call of the Open Road - Call Of The Open Road is based on a comment Cecilia made in the aired episode, Sunrise At Camp Apollo, about the time Rick was accused of stealing Old McDoogal's car.



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